Do you struggle with...

* Irritable bowel sindrome (IBS)
* Ulcerative colitis
* Crohn's disease (or any other Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBD)
* or is constant bloat making you like impossible?


I know exactly how you feel, because I've been there.

I used to suffer constantly from digestive problems (due to Crohn's disease) and managed to get better thanks to nutrition and other holistic approaches. I took charge of my health and today, after almost 7 years, I am 100% symptom free and with 0 medication.

Nowadays I teach my pacients how to rebalance their digestive system to eliminate their symptoms and access their bodies powers of self-healing.

Linda Baumgärtel, cert. Holistic Health Coach for digestive disorders

"I know exactly what it feels like to have zero control over your symptoms."


In 2016, after 12 centimeters of my bowel had to be removed in surgery, I was decided to find a way to heal my Crohn's disease naturally. 
Chronically stressed and exhausted, I put my health and selfcare far behind all my responsibilities for a long time. And my digestion was just getting worse and worse. Conventional medicine had no answers for me. 

I tried to keep my diet as healthy as possible, but I still couldn't find a solution for my constant bloating, intolerances, abdominal pain, anxiety, anemia, chronic fatigue, and uncontrollable inflammation. I was in a constant state of struggle and frustration.
Until I decided not to live as a victim of my diagnosed Crohn's disease anymore.

I started studying Holistic Nutrition and educated myself around all kinds of alternative healing therapies and energy healing. With time, I learned how to prevent my symptoms naturally, without opting for chemical medication.


Within only a few months I got better and was able to recover an absolutely normal life, without digestive problems and going back to eating absolutely everything. It was an impressive process and nobody had told me that it was possible.

Only when I also saw the incredible transformations of my own clients, I began to notice that I was not a unique case with my Crohn's disease.

Since 2019, several years after my full recovery, I have been helping people improve their digestive problems via my online coaching sessions. I started my project SANA TU COLON, which made me able to help thousands of people in Latinamerica and Spain to recover quickly, easily and without extreme restrictive diets.

And now I'm here to teach you the same, since I started to attend also in English and German!

Results that I'm proud of (and what is possible for you too!)

  • Already hosting my very first 3 month group program in 2021, 5 out of 5 participants managed to noticeably improve their symptoms within a month.
  • 70% of my clients manage to eliminate their digestive symptoms completely within a month.
  • 2 out of 5 clients eat absolutely everything again within 3 months.
  • I have had several patients who have been able to PREVENT their bowel SURGERY entirely, thanks to my concept.
  • Gastroenterologists have congratulated me on my method.
  • Frequently, other nutritionists and nutritionists consult me in my Coaching sessions ​​for their digestive discomfort.
  • I manage to make patients see what they themselves do not see. All my clients leave our sessions with certainty and hope.
  • I have created a community of more than 100,000 people, full of positive vibes, forgetting about complaints and suffering, as is mostly common in this sector.

My clients often come to see me with...

  • IBS







  • SIBO

 Even if you do not have any diagnosis yet, but you suffer from chronic digestive symptoms I can attend you in my Coaching sessions.

Reserve my session

Are you looking for help with your specific case?

You may feel overwhelmed with so much information on how to improve your digestive discomfort and you would like to have a healthy routine to follow that works for your individual case.

Meet with me on Zoom to get a step-by-step guide to healing and to get clear on all of your questions.


I am here because I know that you need someone who really understands you and listens to you.

Someone who can also provide you with the steps to get out of the vicious circle of recurring symptoms in which you find yourself, apart from giving you hope and motivation.

Already with one Coaching session you will solve most of your doubts and obtain clarity about your steps to heal. My instructions are simple, easy to implement in your life and do not require you to follow restrictive diets, or guidelines that don't leave you freedom to enjoy your life. 

This is how it works

- Schedule your Zoom Coaching session

#1 Reserve your session

and send me a screenshot with your payment confirmation to [email protected]

See my options

#2 Follow the steps in the welcome email that I'll send you

In the email you will find the following tools that will help me to analyse your case already before our session:

  • A form that you'll need to fill out

  • A food diary

  • The link to my calendar in which you can select your time slot

#3 ¡Let's meet on Zoom!

Once you fill out the questionnaire and send me the food diary, I will start developing your personal plan within 1-2 days.

We will have the Coaching session on the date and time that you choose and I will explain you the plan that I created for your personal case.

Choose your Coaching package here:

We personalise your sessions completely to your needs. The sessions can be either in English or in German. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected] and lets get in touch!

1:1 Strategy Session

$99 usd

What you'll receive:

  • 1 Zoom call with Linda (60 minutes)
  • Case análisis and creating of your strategy plan BEFORE our session
  • 7 full days of continuous support via email or Instagram
  • PDF with my tips and strategies + personal recipes for you

30 day Coaching pack

$349 usd

Receive my 1:1 support for one entire month

  • 15 minute welcome call
  • 3 Zoom calls with Linda 
  • Case análisis and creating of your strategy plan BEFORE our session
  • 30 full days of continuous support via email or Instagram
  • PDF with my tips and strategies + personal recipes for you



The good news is that we can all improve and heal our digestion - and I know that now it's your turn!

*Important note:

My holistic concept is made to balance and regenerate the digestive organs. I do not diagnose nor do I promise cure. My Coaching does not replace going to the doctor or receiving therapy. As your Coach, I will be happy to provide support you after prior consultation with your doctor.
No refunds will be made. If you are determined to make a change in your life, I invite you to book your Coaching session.